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Cole Twins at the Pumpkin Patch

I 've know Ashley from back in our "Whiskey River Days," and I've watcher her through social media find the love of her life, have a beautiful wedding, and now be an incredible mama raising these two precious little girls, Rylie & Adeline. It was fun to learn what a surprise blessing they were. Ashley found out at her 8 week appointment that her one embryo became two for identical girls. As I am trying to become a mom myself, I can only imagine the shock and excitement that came from finding out. They were so precious to meet and capture. I get the privilege of seeing them again in a few weeks to get their Christmas Card photos. I can't wait to  capture more precious moments for Ashley and her beautiful family. Thank you Ashley for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to capture these of you and your gorgeous girls. I looking forward to seeing y'all in a few weeks.
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Bridal Portraits of Jen with Cotton

I had the pleasure of taking Jennifer's engagement and wedding photos just earlier this year. I reached out to her last week to see if she would be interested in some Bridal shots and she was so excited to put her dress on again! I can't blame her, I wore my dress for my 1st Wedding Anniversary this past September.  I have been working on my composition and editing, but honestly Jen makes her hard to worry about either of those. She is such a natural beauty and she looks so graceful and at peace in each of her portraits. I love these images. I'm so glad she took the time to let me see what I could capture for her. All of these shots were taken in less than an hours time. We were able to have some fun, catch up, and capture pictures I will cherish in my portfolio for a long time.  As I was finishing up, Jen asked if I would take pictures of her with Cotton again... OF COURSE! Let's be honest, I was hoping she wouldn't a

Isabella's Harry Potter Themed Baby Shower at The Tea Kettle Cafe

I was lucky enough to be picked from a Facebook post by Isabella to be her photographer for this special event. We had never met, but she trusted a few referral sources and reviewed my work online. This was my first Baby Shower to be a part of, but I knew I could make some very special memories for her.  Immediately upon arriving, I could see this was a special theme for a special little girl. The line, "It's MimOsa not Mimosa" came to mind, which was perfect for this brunch.    You could tell Isabella's bestie put a lot of thought and detail into making the tiniest of details important. It's had to imagine a Harry Potter Tea Part Baby Shower, UNTIL you've been to one.. or you are reading this.. and I think they nailed it. The shower went very smooth. Then transitions from the food set up, baby games, presents, and cake were all very seamless. The two hosts from The Tea Kettle Cafe staff were wonderful with keeping everyone en